DIGITAL CLASSROOM :- The School prides in the classrooms that are spacious and well equipped with digital classrooms. Interactive Board, overhead projector, speakers, Laptop and assessment devices transform the way teachers and students interact, collaborate and learn.

A world class Library and Audio Visual Room, Yoga, Music, and Dance Rooms with provisions for adding more.

COMPUTER CENTRE :- Computer classes are conducted from Standard I onward with emphasis on the skills to be developed at each stage of class the children are in. One Laptop for each child is provided in the resource room.

LABORATORIES :- Well equipped laboratories for Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Maths provide the environment for developing a scientific temper amongst the children. Children learn best by doing. All related activities and experiments are conducted by the students themselves under the supervision of qualified instructors. This gives them a good insight into the basic concepts and their

CAFETERIA :- The Cafeteria sells hot and cold snack during the 1st recess. Only fresh items are allowed to be served as per school order. Varieties of hot snacks are sold during the break time at an afforable price. The cafe also provides lunch during the break time. To avail this facility, the Parents/Guardians have to register the name of the ward at the school office.

UNIFORM & BOOK STORE :- For the convenience of our parents, a uniform shop and book store are located inside the premises.

MEDICAL :- For any emergency, the school has arrangement with Mother’s Care Children Hospital and Research Centre, Sagolband Moirang Leirak Machin. A sick room with proper resting area is also provided for our children. Medical camp for the students is also conducted from time to time within the school campus.

PARENT TEACHER MEETING :- The Principal/Director is available in case any parent wish to discuss about their childs progress from time to time. Otherwise all the teachers are available to interact with parents on all Saturdays (except the 2nd) from 1 p.m to 2 p.m.

MERIT SCHOLARSHIP :- The School Management provides Scholarships to toppers of all the classes for an academic year. Others awards include :
1. L. Jugeswar Singh Memorial Award- For the 1st Position holder in the Board Exam.
2. Deepak Naorem Memorial Award- For the 2nd Position holder in the Board Exam.
3. Andre Irengbam Memorial Award- For the 3rd Position holder in the Board Exam.

ADVISORY BOARD :- For the smooth functioning and sorting out the school academic technicalities, there is also a Board of the School consisting of 6(six) members which has been drawn from different disciplines and who are an authority in their own fields. The Board is called upon from time to time as per the requirement of the school.

TRANSPORT :- SHISHU NISTHA NIKETAN has a TRANSPORT POLICY for the safety and comfort of the students. Some extract of the School Transport Policy is given hereunder:

  1. SHISHU NISTHA NIKETAN shall ensure the safety and comfort of the students traveling to and from school.
  2. Any student seeking new or re-admission to SHISHU NISTHA NIKETAN shall opt for the School Transport facility compulsorily.
  3. All students from class III to class XII shall avail school approved bus service. Locations inaccessible to school bus shall be accessed by other school approved means of transport.
  4. All other students below Class III shall avail either the school approved vans or bus according to their convenience.
  5. Parents seeking to ferry their wards by themselves to and from school are excluded from clause no. 2 of the Transport Policy. Parents seeking special or extra care for their wards may avail their desired transport service as per the available resources of the school and shall be charge accordingly over and above the existing slabs of fees.
  6. Students requiring special attention or care are to inform the school along with satisfactory proof of their state of health for easy monitoring of the student according to their need.
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