At Shishu Nistha Niketan, each individual is supported and encouraged to make the most of their own specials gifts and to aim high in all that he/ she attempts.We want all our pupils to value academic excellence and to realize that it is attainable. I personally believe that if a child is reading in a good school, then he/she must learn from the school. Hence, in a stimulating environment, we encourage them to give equal importance to both academics and other wide range of extra curricular activities. Children are trained to learn more by doing things themselves and trying out new ideas, taking failure and success in their stride, with all their energies focused on honest and purposeful effort.

Shishu Nistha Niketan is situated in a tranquil environment, which encourages the inner peace. This is ingredient for study and creativity.

The School motto “Care, Dedication and Service” sends out a powerful message and explains the essence and purpose of our lives.

We aim to foster good relations between staff and pupils and between the students themselves. The school encourages consideration and tolerance and is committed to developing in its pupils a strong sense of personal responsibility and a committment to serving others.

It is also our goal to prepare our students for the challenges of the 21st Century. We want the students who come here to leave us as confident young adults who are able to make the most of the opportunities life will offer them.

The best way to understand Shishu Nistha Niketan is to experience it.

Suranjan Singh Lairenjam

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